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Deb’s Tips on the Care and Feeding of Your Blog

Through the miracle of, Blogger, or TypePad, you’ve created a blog. But, to thrive, a blog needs to wpbe groomed and nurtured.

1 – Establish a focus. Is your blog for readers, writers, or both? Maybe it’s a personal journal. Put a short description at the top so readers know what to expect. Examples –

2 – Personalize your template. Many of the free templates offered by WordPress and Blogger can be made your own by customizing the header and/or sidebars.

3 – Give it identity. Post a short bio. Link it to your other site/s.

4 – Post often to keep it fresh. Daily? Weekly? Bi-monthly? A regular schedule establishes connections with those who start to anticipate your postings.

5 – Offer extras. Keep your sidebar links appropriate, neat, organized, and up-to-date. Check regularly for “dead links.” Periodically groom them, trimming and adding new.  Add a link to your photos so that clicking them brings up an appropriate “extra” to the article.

6 – Show your style. Let your postings reveal your voice.

7 – Post pictures. Use photos you have taken to complement your writing. If you don’t have a digital camera, beg, buy or borrow one and learn to use it.

8 – Don’t clutter with ads.  Personal bias here. If the purpose of your blog is to sell your name and establish your brand, why clutter it up with annoying, inappropriate ads? Like everything in your writing life, keep it professional, and focused.

9 – Install a counter. offers one of the best free counters I’ve come across. It offers visible or invisible counters. You can then log on for other useful statistics.

10 – Visit others. Comment succinctly, always making sure there’s a discreet link back to your own blog.

Feed your blog, but don’t let it become a monster that takes over your writing life. Used appropriately it can become an asset to your career.

→ Please share tips you’ve learned about blogging with other writers by commenting below.

7 thoughts on “Blog Tips

  1. Debra:
    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and it is very professional. Your header picture is so haunting. The pictures of the gardens were gorgeous. All in all-great job.
    BTW, one of our local RWA groups uses string a bead as a goal setting mechanism in their group.
    All the best,
    Ruby Johnson

    Life’s a lot better when you have the right words.

  2. Ruby, the string a bead as a goal setting mechanism is a wonderful idea! I can imagine wearing a beaded bracelet that symbolizes so much. Would love to know the chapter. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog. I enjoy writing it, and find it a great way to both journal my own experiences, and to share the writing life with others. Thank you for visiting. Hope you’ll be back!


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  4. Hi Deb
    I am looking for help with setting up email alerts on a blog. Is there someone you could refer me to that sets up blogs? I may want to contract someone on a freelance basis.

    Thank you, Carrie

    • There are some companies that will design websites and would probably set up a blog for you but it could get expensive. Honestly, it is something you could probably do yourself. I totally taught myself and I’m not very technical. Just takes some time and methodical reading through the instructions then digging for a few answers.

      Can you give me any more info? Go to my About page (top tab) and send me an email through the Contact Me form, giving your email address. We can discuss through email. Thanks for reading!

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