RWA National in San Francisco – July 30

The San Francisco Marriott is buzzing with the sound of women’s voices. Conference Registration opened at 7:00 this morning and by 8 o’clock the lines were long. RWA is here and in full Conference mode!

Today I attended the First Annual Historical Conference, a conference within a conference, sponsored by The Beau Monde and Hearts Through History Chapters. We started the morning with a continental breakfast after which Jo Ann Fergusen (aka Jocelyn Kelley) gave an emotion-filled keynote speech on The Quest for the Holy Sale. She punctuated her talk with the lines from the movie Galaxy Quest – “Never give up. Never surrender.”

After Jo Ann’s speech we broke for workshops. The many sessions offered throughout the day included Women’s Property Rights in England (1770-1900), Arms & Armor, Selling that Historical (Hilary Sares and Michelle Buonfiglio), and special sessions on historical foods and on costuming in Medieval, Georgian, and Regency time periods, among others.

The historical conference featured both a lunch and an afternoon tea (complete with tea and cucumber sandwiches!) and a silent auction. During mealtimes we talked with old friends, and met new ones. Tonight there will be a Evening Soiree with a dance master.

Other RWA events occurring Wednesday included Librarian’s Day, the Chapter Leadership Seminar, and a first timer’s Orientation. A few other chapters were also scheduled to hold mini-conferences.

This evening, RWA’s annual Literacy Book Signing was held in the Yerba Buena Ballroom. Over 500 authors signed books donated by publishers with proceeds going to various charities. During the book signing, chapter-donated baskets, books, and gift cards were raffled to raise additional money for Literacy.

Despite the wonderful workshops and events today, during the break times I found myself wandering again and again toward the hotel’s front door. The weather was cool with blue skies and sunshine again today…unbelievably beautiful!  Guess I must still be in vacation mode. Either that or I’ve fallen in love with San Francisco’s fair weather along with the relaxed atmosphere of this City on the Bay. Not a hard thing to do.

Thanks to all who continue to read and send comments, public or private. Please check back again tomorrow for more.

Now, I’m off to a Soiree.