Summer Blues

Today the sky is a brilliant blue, the sun a radiant yellow. Outside it is 82 degrees. Not much humidity. The lazy days of summer beckon. Through the open door, I smell the fragrance of late blooming flowers and freshly mowed grass. As my husband steps out onto the deck, a warm breeze caresses my skin. I ache to join him there, to bask in the glorious warmth of this last day of August.

But I’ve played too long. The book must be finished. I must return to it.


So I take a deep breath and close the door. Nudge up the air conditioner. Turn the blinds. Then I plant myself in the chair and mentally handcuff my wrists to my laptop.

I shut my eyes. Project myself back…back into a time of no computers, no electricity. Back into a 19th century Midwestern winter blizzard. The air conditioner kicks in but, in the distance, I imagine it is the howling wind. I shiver. Almost there now. I reach for my cup of coffee to warm my cold hands. Almost.

When I write my next book, I must figure out how to better coordinate the seasons.

2 thoughts on “Summer Blues

  1. Your weather sounds like ours has been over this last “summer” weekend. Boat and jet ski traffic has been loud and boisterous on the lake. But I’ve been chained to my computer, sometimes the desktop and sometimes the laptop, so you are not alone.

    However, instead of a wintry scene a century ago, I’m in a wintry scene in present time. I don’t know which would be easier. But I know this. A century ago, the heat and cooling systems didn’t work very well and the writing tools, other than creativity, were more primitive. How lucky we are to have central heat, AC and computers.

    Have a great day writing. 🙂

  2. Deb:

    This is my first time to your site. I really like the way it is designed, the colors, the layout – all eye-catching.

    The current post is flowery, and it reminds me of the writers of long ago. I love to read period books, especially the eighteen hundreds. I’m a big fan of the Civil War, and the circumstances surrounding the Lincoln assassination.

    Not long ago I was in a used bookstore and I found a book about the building of our national capitol. It was published in 1897, and it’s in excellent condition! I love to read things like that. They really help me in my own writing.

    If you have read very many of my posts then you know that I write short shorts (About 450) about my own jumbled life. The stories are true, they’re honest and they’re fun to write. Someday I’ll assemble them into a small book.

    I’ll be visiting your site on a regular basis. Please stop by and see me again. Maybe we’ll even exchange links. That way, your writing will be available to all of my contacts as well as your own.

    Happy trails.

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