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Many years ago, when we lived in southern Indiana, I took my sons to a mall art show. As we walked by the displays of oils and watercolors, of pottery and woodcarvings, I happened upon a regional artist whose oil paintings called out and drew me in. We talked for a few minutes then I bought a small painting I found particularly pleasant. She had titled the meticulous oil At Pond’s Edge.

paintings-0042Time passed. The painting came with us to one new home, then another. Always the image of the tranquil pond with its wild grasses, bushes, and butterflies brought comfort. Then, at some point, my writer’s imagination took over. Something happened at that pond, but what? It niggles at my thoughts even now, after all these years. I know there is a story to tell. Someday, it will come to me and I will weave the scene into my book. Maybe not in this work, but surely in my next.

In recent years, I have come to wonder about the artist. I recall that she had many other lovely paintings on display at that long ago mall art show. Her name is Linda Jerina Buis. Is she still painting, still selling her fine work? Or has she gone on to other interests? Internet searches came to naught. Until recently.

Last month I discovered another oil painting by Linda Jerina Buis. It was for sale online. I emailed the friendly lady who had posted the ad. I learned that she had bought Down on the Farm from an estate sale near her home, somewhere outside Kansas City. After several quite interesting emails, we arranged the sale. From a writer’s retreat in Maine, I snail-mailed her a postal money order and she carefully packaged and shipped the painting to me cross county. I opened it with joy.

As I hung my new painting, a sense of wonder came over me. There is a story here too, I thought, in this painting of an old farm and the surrounding countryside. Someday soon, I will write it.

14 thoughts on “Art as Inspiration

  1. I remember you mailing that money order when we were in Maine! I’m glad it arrived safely and now has a home where it will be loved. Art should be loved. The artist puts pieces of her/himself in each work. Just like us writers.

    When that story comes to you, be ready. Your fan club will be waiting for the pieces of you that you will give to us.

  2. Deb, I’ve always loved the Americana type of folk paintings, and have always believed they hold a world of stories in their charming scenes. Once at the Abby Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg (a not-to-miss place!) I discovered a painting of an adorable baby sitting in a high chair, who could have been a clone of my first son when he was a baby. Now there’s a possible story! Great stuff.


  3. Deb,

    What a delightful surprise when my cousin in New Jersey sent me to this site. I often wonder the paths my paintings follow once I’ve released them to a “good home.” I looked up your name in my files and noted the buyer of “At Pond’s Edge” and another painting, as a young writer with 2 children at Washington Sq Mall. And then to see the following painting, “Down on the Farm” having travelled cross country and back to find a new home was so interesting. Such a neat surprise.

    To answer your query, yes I am still painting and have been for the last 30 + years. I still work in oils and have ventured into Giclee Prints of my work this past year. I still do some Art Fairs, exhibit monthly in a gallery in Cape Girardeau MO, enter regional juried art exhibitions, exhibit in a few restaurants and shops in MO & IN as well as commission work. My interests are still nature, the out of doors and rural life. I put a signature cardinal in each of my paintings.

    Where are you living now? I would like to send you a little bio and perhaps some photos of my more recent work. I think you will like how my style has developed and is so characteristically “my” style.

    Thank you for the praise and interest in me – it does an artist good to hear such musings as I am sure you are aware.

    My best to you and I sincerely do hope to hear from you in the very near future.

  4. Yesterday I was looking at one of the paintings I have and wondered if Linda was still painting. I googled her name and much to my pleasure, I found Stringing Beads. About twenty-five years ago I attended a craft show in the park at Olney, IL. There I met Linda Jerina Buis and purchased three of her paintings, Cider Press, Under Cover, and The Onlooker. All three are small paintings which I love and have dispayed in my home since that time. Although we didn’t live in Olney, my husband Art taught business at OCC along with Linda’s husband. As special as her paintings are, I think she and her husband are just as special. Art had nothing but good to say about Mr. Buis. I’m so glad to hear that she’s still using her talent.

  5. I feel lucky to have come across Stringing Beads. I was willed a small painting by my friend, Rose, after her death. It is named Black Swallowtail and Parsley by Linda Jerina Buis. It is very lovely and reminds me of Rose.

  6. My husband and I were traveling from Michigan to Arkansas a couple of years ago in November and stopped for the night in Cape Gerardeau. It is a really wonderful quaint town where there happened to be an art exhibit and wine tasting that night. All the small galleries had their doors open to the evening air and we made our way through them. When I came on the little gallery with Linda Jerina Buis paintings I fell in love with the beautiful pastoral scenes. I chose a 12 X 24 called “autumn tour” as a momento of our trip and it has hung in our living room ever since. I would love to see more of her work. I did the same internet search that brought me to this website. Does anyone know if she has a website yet?

  7. What wonderful surprises this site and Deb have brought me. Thank you to all you for your kind comments. I do not have a website but I can give you access to a gallery show I had in 2010 which represents my latest work both in oils and giclee prints at the end of this message.

    Elaine – Ed & I do remember you folks well from the Olney days. I still attend the Annual Fall Festival in the city park the last Sat in Sept and it is truely like going home. 2011 will be my 34th year! I even do remember the paintings you bought and am so pleased they still provide you with enjoyment.

    Swati – Thank you for the kind words. What sort of art work do you do? My son’s lovely fiance is originally from Sri Lanka and I so enjoy her childhood stories of your part of the world.

    Kathleen – How very special it is to receive something that you know meant a lot to a particular person. You have my deepest sympathy in losing your friend, but you do have a part of her to remember in kind thoughts. I am curious as to when & where she may have purchased the painting. I am thinking it may have been late 80’s or early 90’s in the Evansville IN or Effingham IL areas. Would love to know!

    Ruth and husband – You have no idea how I tried to find out who purchased one of my most favorite paintings. The staff person at the Arts Council Gallery called me to inform me of the sale so I could bring in a replacement for the spot in the gallery just after you left on that Saturday. I still exhibit there on a year round basis with a new piece in the gallery each month and several in the Miniature exhibit case we have set up. She told me how excited you were and how she packed it for travel to Michigan, but did not get your name & address. Therefore, I am thanking you now several years later and so do appreciate your enjoyment of that particular painting. Our Gallery and 8-10 others which have sprung up over the last few years have open houses and wine with hors d’hoeuvres each 1st Friday of the month. It had become the thing to do in Old Town Cape and just keeps growing. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to our very historic and fun river town.

    If any of you are interested in my work, you can access a solo show I had last year at a very small, intimate gallery in Cape Girardeau, MO.

    Go to:
    past exhibits
    scroll down to Linda Buis – it is better to click on the individual photographs than to do the slide show as those pics are not very large.
    I also exhibited in the 2008 and 2010 Feminine Perspective Shows at that same Gallery


    My best to you all, Linda

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  8. I am from Olney, IL where Linda Buis exhibits at the Olney Arts Fall Festival every year. I am a huge fan of all of her paintings, but have fallen in love with her round barn paintings, as we did have one in our area and watched as it was torn down and at first was going to be rebuilt, but for whatever reason the owner did not do that. I so hated that, but I do have Linda’s painting of it, which I cherish. It is hanging in my living room, and the days are rare that I do not look at it from my chair, and at the other smaller round barn paintings on my LR wall.

    I commissioned Linda to paint a second one of it so that my two living daughters will each get one. She has e-mailed that it is finished and drying and will soon be shipped to me.

    It is my wish that my children and grandchildren will each get one of my Linda Buis round barn paintings when I am no longer here to enjoy them, and I hope they will cherish them as I have.

    Linda’s exhibit is the very first one that my daughter and I go to on Olney Fall Festival Day every year.

  9. I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda Jerina Buis since the beginning of her artistic endeavors way back in Washington Indiana in the city park and the Vincennes, Indiana HAC show two weeks later. Over the years I have collected pieces of her
    art in every form she has created, i.e. nature placques, charcoal drawings, pastels, oil on wood, oil on canvas and now giclee prints. Linda is a dear friend and an exquisite artist. My collection of 35 plus pieces is a treasure that has no equal. I have attended many of her shows in Olney and I always find a freshness and an excitment in every piece of art she displays. He warmth as a person of passion shows in her work and in her manner as she talks to new and old and prospective customers/friends. Any of us who have a piece of Linda’s art are blessed just by knowing her for any length of time. I look forward to many more visits to her booth in Olney, afterall those few hours are the highlight of the month for me.

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