I love seasons. They bring a natural change and order to life. Spring blossoms into verdant summer. Autumn gold fades to brown then gray and winter white. As the snow melts, new life springs forth again and renews the cycle.

writing-blog-0051Changes are a part of life but how often we resist them only to find ourselves bogged down in the mire of monotony.  A prime spot is in our personal lives.  Recently, taking a lesson from nature, I made a few changes in my life.  Small ones but, in subtle ways, they’re making a big difference.

My first change was something I don’t often do.  With my husband’s help, I re-arranged some furniture – our television, a table and lamp, a few chairs.  What a result!  It opened up the room making it feel larger, allowing us to see the windows in the next room.  Now, there’s a homier feel when we sit there.  Who would have thought?

Early Saturday evening, we’ve started turning off the lamps and TV. We light writing-blog-0122some candles and, seated together in our rearranged family room, we listen to Garrison Keillor and guests on A Prairie Home Companion, an old time radio favorite. For a few hours we relax in a different time with the only commercials aired of the Powdermilk Biscuit variety.

I’ve made other changes, little ones.   I’m cutting back on coffee, and sampling varieties of tea instead.  Because of this, I’ve discovered the refreshing flavor of Bigelow’s Earl Gray.  I’m also trying various brands of chocolate.  Ghiardelli is now a favorite.   And finally, I’m dedicating one hour a week to creating a new character or a new story – something not part of my current wip.   This simple exercise helps stimulate the mind.

→What changes are you making in your life in this still fresh New Year?  What changes would you like to make?  Big or small, change can invigorate the soul.  Try it.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I believe strongly in moving furniture around. I mean there are books that teach “change your furniture, change your life”. I believe that the stagnant energies should be put in motion and when we do that the whole feeling of the place changes. So small changes could actually be quite big.

  2. All great ideas. I felt much the same way when I redid my office two years ago. The overhaul was traumatic but I love the place so much now I don’t like having to leave. And I have a candle in here and my favorite subtly scented diffuser.

    When I’m weary of looking at the monitor I stare out my windows at the ever changing scene in all the seasons. One day last fall, this gorgeous kestrel landed on the roof’s edge. The sun was at the perfect spot and highlighted the brilliance of its feathers. Not such a close up sight often seen.

    Glad you’re posting again and love how you presented your photos.

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