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It’s early February but July seems just around the corner. Despite the economic downturn, I hear excited buzzing from fellow writers.  marriott-wardman-park Maybe it’s because we’re sick of winter cold and ache for summer heat.  Or it could be because this year RWA gathers in Washington, DC.  I live on the East Coast and, I’m going. 😀 During my lunchtime internet browsing, I find myself pouncing on every scrap of info I find.

Registration for the RWA National Conference opened January 20th. To reserve a room at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, where all events occur, members must first register for the conference. After that, members arrange for a room through RWA National. Planned roommates must register within 30 days. omni-shoreham-dc1Concierge level rooms sold out early prompting rumors of an overall hotel sell-out. I don’t think that’s true–yet.  But they say those coming into DC before the conference may have trouble getting a Marriott room.  Note–there’s a lovely overflow hotel, the Omni Shoreham,  just a block away.   I believe the same rules apply for registering.

Mystery/Suspense (Kiss of Death) Chapter members are looking forward to the annual members’ tour on Tuesday, July 14. With the national capitol setting, this year’s tour should be intense. As in prior years, members need a current Passport to register for the tour.  Homeland Security requirements. All KOD events, including the tour and annual Death by Chocolate Party, will open for member registration in March.

rwa-national-2008-sf-032Other RWA Special Interest Chapters , including From the Heart Romance Writers, also use National to hold general meetings, parties, and get-togethers.  Lots of planning and arrangements!  Some chapters hold a conference within a conference.  Last year’s Historical Conference sponsored by the Beau Monde and the Hearts Through History Chapters ran all day Wednesday, culminating in a costumed evening soiree.   A highlight for all of us history lovers!

The 2009 Conference speakers have been announced – Linda Howard (Keynote), Eloisa James (Awards Luncheon), and Anne Stuart (RITA & GH Ceremony).  🙂  Sensational choices!   Workshops will soon be announced.   RWA Literacy Autographing, Moonlight Madness, Volunteering, Annual General Meeting (aka/AGM), Agent and Editor Appointments, the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony, networking….and so much more awaits July 15-18, 2009.

Want to go but just don’t have the money?  Valley Forge Romance Writers is sponsoring their 2nd Annual Writers’ RafflemaniaGo to RWA National for free! Or you can start saving for a future RWA National Conference (This link lists RWA conferences through 2016.)   The ladies of The Writing Playground offer a practical article titled Penny Pinching Your Way to RWA.

I’ll report updates as I learn of them,  now through July 18th.  I look forward to your comments and shared info.  For now, I need to get back to writing the book.  That’s what it’s really about.

Are you going to RWA National this year?  What other conferences or workshops do you plan to attend in the near future?  What do you appreciate most about conferences?

**P.S. I’ve added a section to my sidebar – to the right between “Blogroll” and “Essentials” – called “Blogs & Info About 2009 RWA National.”  It includes several links to other blogs on National, including a few workshop speakers.  If you are blogging on National, let me know so I can add your name to the list.

16 thoughts on “RWA National 2009 – DC

  1. I’m going! And I’m the president of Valley Forge Romance Writers – thanks for mentioning the raffle! I’m amazed, honestly, that we haven’t gotten a zillion entrants. (read: Your odds are good, people!) Our winner last year, Nancy Naigle, was not planning to go to San Francisco until she won the raffle – and what a great phone call that was to make!

    I can’t wait to make the next call!

    And I’ll be blogging and posting pictures as well – I had such fun doing it last year. Yes, I’m psyched for National!

    • Judi, I love VFRW’s raffle idea! Like me, you’ll no doubt be driving. Last year I was envious of those California girls who, when asked about their trip to San Francisco (or home) said “Oh, it was just a short drive up the Coast.” This year, it’s in our own backyard (almost). I love the way RWA rotates around the country.

      Glad you’re blogging about National. I’ll be posting links on my sidebar of bloggers with posts from National so keep in touch. And yeah, I’m psyched, too! (Did you notice?)

  2. I will be going to National for this first time this year, so you can bet my excitement level is high! Money being what it is, especially now, you can also bet I’ll be buying some raffle tickets from Vallley Forge Romance Writers. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Oh, Miriam and Barbie, I envy you both — experiencing it all the first time. It’s quite an event. I think they generally have some sort of newbies workshop so be sure to attend. Remember to take a few minutes every so often to find an out of the way spot and and put your feet up. Last year in San Francisco I found a rooftop garden… Click here to see… This year, there are acres of gardens surrounding the hotel. Best of luck with VFRW’s Rafflemania.

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  4. I’m going to National this year. DC is so close, how can I not go? This will be my third National. The first one I attended as an unpublished author was 2000 in DC. The second one I attended, wearing my pink “first sale” ribbon, was New York in 2003. It will be an economic sacrifce for me to go this year, but I want to meet the many online writing friends I’ve made over the years, and hopefully, I’ll pitch to the agent or editor who will love my newest book. See you all there!

    Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi

    • Carolyn, what a wonderful journey you’re having toward success! I think economic sacrifices are often necessary when building a career. Best of luck, and looking forward to seeing you there.

  5. This is my first conference and in a tough economy like this, I can use the aid of the raffle if I’m lucky enough to win!!!! Can’t wait to buy those tickets and glad to hear my chances are good!

  6. So now you blog–just to rub salt in the wounds of us not going! Well, you better have great photos and lots of news like last year’s posts. 🙂

    Casey, grumpy despite the sun and longer days by 2 minutes!

    • Casey/MJ, you’ll be overwhelmed by my reporting, and links to others reporting. You’ll be able to close your eyes and believe you are there. Just remember, conference goers will be in DC in the sticky heat of summer, while you’ll be on the cool shores of Lake Michigan without having to leave home.

  7. I’m excited too. I’m also excited about the PASIC event, which is happening next month – which is also up the coast. 🙂 I’m bussing it there, which sounds so strange to me, but actually makes a lot of sense and is inexpensive.

    I’ll do bloglinks to as we get closer.

    Don’t forget to enter the raffle!

  8. Deb, This is my first visit to your web site, and I am enjoying myself! The photos, the essays, the comments are lovely, entertaining and inspiring.

    Oh! I’m supposed to reply about RWA Nationals. Yes, I am planning to attend! This will be my 3rd time, but first as an “about to be published” author. Very exciting. I’ll never forget the second one I attended–I met you there, Deb, when I was on my way to the Freebie room. And I met Nora Roberts as we were washing our hands in the

  9. Gee, my name and Nora’s in the same paragraph…cool :cool:.

    That must have been in Atlanta, or was it last year in SF? Anyway, hope we can meet up this year. I’ll be at the WisRWA conference in June then in DC. See you then! Just think, next year you’ll be signing!

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