A Garden’s Lessons

This past weekend, my husband and I visited Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  In no particular order, here are some pictures I took, and some thoughts I brought home.


In writing, as in life, use your senses to the max.



He loves me…he loves me not…ah, he loves me…



This is the crown of the last American Elm in Longwood Gardens.   Always remember the beauty and glory of a life well-lived.



A garden, like writing, takes constant attention…



…but an occasional afternoon nap is good for the creative soul.



Listen to the child within.



Take pride in your own unique voice.



Don’t tell your readers about a fountain in spring.  Let them feel the wayward sprays of water, and smell the subtle scents on the breeze.



Flowers blossom because that’s who they are.   That’s also why writers write.



It may take a while but with persistence, and a little sun, eventually you will bloom.


Have you strolled through a garden or worked in one recently?  What thoughts did you bring home?

8 thoughts on “A Garden’s Lessons

  1. Thank you, Donnell. The photo is a favorite. When we happened upon the lone red tulip among the sea of purple, I immediately pulled out my camera. When I wrote the blog, I almost put a disclaimer – “This was NOT photo-shopped…it was really there!”. So unique, just as we want our voices to be.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. What a nice thought, to pair gardening with writing. Of course, I’m in MN so we’re not gardening … yet. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I loved the earlier seasons and what I could grow there. I had a rhododendron that was HUGE, as well as three blueberry bushes that produced an over-abundance. Alas, here, I’m lucky to get enough for one pie.

    Thanks for the splash of beauty on a cool spring morning. It’s given me a lot to look forward to! I hope you’ll be at the June conference so I can thank you in person ::smile::

  3. Great photos, Deb! and the sayings were perfect fits.

    So inspirational, especially to read this morning as we have a sunny day for the first in a few days.

    And no, I never thought you photoshopped the photo. It had DEB written all over the photo. 🙂

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