Paris Day 6 – Last Day

If I don’t write about our last day, perhaps a part of us will remain forever in Paris, and so I’ve delayed this entry.  But time travels on, doesn’t it?

On Monday morning, October 18th, we rode the metro from Les Halles station to St. Michel-Notre Dame.  From there we walked the short distance to the Palace of Justice where Sainte-Chappelle is located.  Because of its location within the walled yard of a government building, security seemed extra tight.   The scanning was akin to airport security with belts, all metal, and cell phones needing to be removed before walking through the scanner.   Day bags were also scanned, just as at the airport.  Once through security, we walked back outside and toward the exquisite chapel.

Sainte-Chappelle (or “Holy Chapel”) was started by King Louis IX in the early part of the 13th century to house holy relics of Christ.  It was completed in 1248.  It served as both a royal chapel, and a place where the holy relics were kept and exhibited once a year.  Though it has been damaged by fire and flood, by the French Revolution and the ravages of modern pollution, it is a wondrous monument to faith and to the beauty mankind can create.   In the upper chapel especially, the mood was hushed with awe and reverence as we all gazed at the glorious windows.

From Sainte Chappelle, we strolled outside, through the courtyard, and toward the Seine.  We walked across the bridge to the Left Bank, then down the steps.  We’d decided to take a cruise.

After our cruise, we parted for a few hours.   My husband strolled over to the Musée de l’Armee and a visit to Napoleon’s tomb, while I roamed through the narrow streets and small shops of the city’s Left Bank.

In the late afternoon, we met back in our comfortable apartment on Rue St. Honoré, and dined at home on quiche and ham.  A quiet evening, our last night in Paris.

9 thoughts on “Paris Day 6 – Last Day

  1. We just came back from Paris as well. I loved cruising on the Seine! It was marvelous to see people sitting on the walls that lined the water just being. Great pictures, brings me right back to the sights and sounds 🙂

  2. “Just being.” Nice description of those along the riverbank. I loved how everyone found wonder in the river. The French do love to watch people. Did you notice how the chairs in the sidewalk cafes are all facing the street? Lifelong memories. I’m glad you found my blog. Merci!

  3. I finally stopped by to visit, and I found Paris! (It was nice meeting you at the NJRW conference – we talked about your website). What beautiful pictures – I scrolled through each day! My husband and I have talked about going sometime. The apartment sounds like such a good idea compared to a hotel. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I’m glad. Makes me want to go.

    • I just got back from Paris and stayed in Hotel Marignan ( It’s a ltltie more expensive than a hostel, but I had a two person room (1 double bed) and a shower/toilet on the landing (that only one other person used) for 60euro. It was simple, no TV or anything, but there is breakfast included and it’s only a couple blocks from Notre Dame and Boulevard St-Michel, so good central location.Have fun!

  4. How appropriate that I’m reading about Paris on Valentine’s Day. We travelled there in September 09, It wasn’t quiet what I’d imagined it to be….. romance blossoming at every turn, beautifully dressed people etc but I had a great time. I’ll never forget how the air smelled of perfume.
    The weather was amazing, I’d never achieved a sun tan in September before. We were on a tight budget but that turned out well since European under 25s get huge discount. We visited The Louvre for free! I’m tempted now to upload some of my photos and share my trip too. 🙂

  5. Paris is wonderful. I’ll write someday of my trip in 2010. I went for only 3 days and 1 day in Milan. But it was amazing. You should go to Rome, you’ll love it.

  6. I hope you both share your experiences on your blogs. Now that I’ve been there, I especially love reading about other journeys.

    Measured…I understand what you mean about not seeing romance blossoming at every turn and yet there was such magic, wasn’t there? Ladystou, I’m looking forward to reading of your trip. And Rome is definitely on our schedule!

    Thank you both for writing.

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