A Simple Christmas

Christmas is coming. To prepare, I hung this year’s evergreen wreath on our door and on my Facebook page.  🙂   Here it is for you to see, along with my greeting for the season.

Merry Christmas to All!

For us, the season will be simple.  Not just because we traveled overseas in October, or because we have repairs scheduled for our aging house.  It will be simple because we believe Christmas shines brightest when celebrated simply.

Oh, we honor our traditions.  Just after Thanksgiving, we drive north to a tree farm in the foothills of the Poconos.  Inside the barn-type shop we share a cup of hot cocoa then examine every wreath displayed before deciding.  Do we want large or small this year?  A gold ribbon?  Plaid?  Brilliant Red?  Pine cones or gold balls?  Silly perhaps, but it’s become a tradition to look, consider, contemplate, and discuss.

The wreath is important.  It’s one of the few outward displays of Christmas in our home.   We keep things simple — the wreath, a fake (but life-like) tree,  stockings hung by the chimney, and some background Christmas music while I bake.  That’s about it.  We do celebrate plenty on Christmas Day, but that’s for a later post.

This year, as I’m again immersed into a daily writing routine, I’m grateful to limit shopping time, and much of that online.  With our children grown, home is quieter than in years past.  (A bittersweet thought.  I do miss the bustle of three young boys.)  I’m limiting what is done to what must be done.  Simple.

My characters’ conversations now buzz in my mind.   For me keeping the season simple gives me more time to write it all down. 

4 thoughts on “A Simple Christmas

  1. Keeping the season simple works in every season. I’ve decided living is complicated enough we don’t need to add to the complications by overdoing things.

    Love the wreathe. You did well and I love the tradition.

  2. What a gorgeous wreath. Simple is best at our house. We have an eight year tradition of ordering our wreath and these past two years christmas balls from our neighborhood Boy Scout. My sister and I figure, we won’t have him forever! He’ll be off to college.
    Maybe another neighborhood kid will pick up where we left off. We have a very close community, best neighborhood in the world!
    Inside we have homages to our grandmothers, aunts and special Christmas decorations from our parents home when they downsized.
    But it’s all very simple, little decorated areas across the entire house.
    I do love a wreath though, I love pine, holly~most evergreens.
    Have a Merry and a Happy!

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