Chobani Hunt

For well over a year, I’ve enjoyed almost the same breakfast daily.  Strong black coffee. Six-ounces of Vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt topped with a quarter cup of granola.  Mid-morning I eat two Clementine oranges, a banana, or maybe some grapes. The rest of the day I work to keep a respectable calorie count with other healthy foods.  I drink only non-caloric liquids, coffee, tea, and water – lots of water. I measure and count everything.  It’s a struggle, to be sure, but it’s paid off significantly in smaller clothing sizes, and a smaller, healthier me.  The struggle has been eased because of my morning vanilla Chobani.

A healthy lifestyle is essential for writers.  So much of our time is spent sitting at the computer, recording the voices we hear, telling their tales. While in our creative zone, it’s easy to nibble on one snack after another, to have the M & M’s, Snickers, and ice cream go straight through mouth and belly to our hips.  But somehow I’ve broken that cycle.  By eating better, by walking more, I feel and am healthier.

Enter conflict.  Over the past month I’ve seen a decrease in vanilla Chobani in the stores. Fruit versions are still on the shelves – blueberry, peach, raspberry, mango, strawberry, strawberry-banana, pineapple and more. They even have honey-flavored and plain Chobani. But vanilla, my staple, has dwindled away.  The store manager told me they’re having a shortage due to rising popularity.

On Friday, I searched Chobani’s website.  No mention of any shortage there, just the same silly-cute promos and much valued nutritional data.  In the Contact form, I emailed a message.  “Where’s my vanilla Chobani?” I asked.  Then, worrier that I am, the fears set in.  What if some marketing moron had decided to discontinue it?

I decided to go on a vanilla Chobani hunt.  List of stores in hand, I braved the cold spring drizzles and got into my car.  At each store, I found the same thing…lots of fruit-flavored, just NO VANILLA.  One store posted a sign. “Due to an exceptionally high demand, we are temporarily experiencing shortages of Chobani Greek Yogurt.”  But I saw no shortage of the fruit flavors…just NO VANILLA.

So, I did what any American consumer would do.  I improvised and switched brands.  Dannon has come out with a vanilla variety of Greek Yogurt.  So has Brown Cow, and Cabot.  Prices are comparable. I bought a few of each to try.

When I returned home, I found an annoyingly cheerful email message waiting for me from Chobani.  The young woman told me that business is booming and that their teams are working 24/7 to deliver Chobani.  (I’m truly glad…great product!)  To increase the amount produced, she continued, they’ve become “creative in managing the production of flavors.”  They’re placing greater emphasis on the fruit flavors, “and have limited production on vanilla.” WHAT?  I read on.  “We anticipate refocusing on vanilla at the end of April.”

Well, there’s hope, I guess.

This morning I’ll savor the last of my vanilla Chobani. Tomorrow I’ll begin sampling my non-Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt brands.  I bought enough to last the next two weeks.

Happy and Blessed Easter to all! 

UPDATE: May 1st, 2011 – Still no sign of Vanilla Chobani although the stores’ shelves are filled with every fruit flavor imaginable. Just no vanilla. 😦 I’m adjusting to Dannon & Cabot.  They’re different, but not bad. – DM

UPDATE #2: May 5th, 2011 – Vanilla Chobani returns to eastern Pennsylvania!  🙂

UPDATE #3: September 23rd, 2012 – Vanilla Chobani (and Honey, too) have once again disappeared from the stores.  Chobani – why don’t you listen? If you have to cut a flavor, why Vanilla?  Oikos has come down to a manageable price, and store brands are just as tasty.  At this point I have no problem switching brands.

40 thoughts on “Chobani Hunt

    • My sister uses Grape Nuts on hers as well. While I was on my hunt, she called the company and was assured they were not discontinuing the flavor. She heard much the same story as I did. It does make one irritable, doesn’t it?

      Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

    • Yes, I tried lemon just recently. As you said, it’s like a lemon meringue pie, without the guilt. But I do miss vanilla. Thanks for stopping in, Elizabeth!

  1. YES!! I thought it was just the two grocery stores in my town. There is a shortage of vanilla fat-free. I love it. I have it every afternoon (4 oz) with an apple. That snack refuels me, fills me and I’m good to go until dinner. There was no shortage of plain yogurt. Figures. Thanks for the info.


  2. Hey Deb!

    Thanks so much for sharing your love for Vanilla and inquiring about its return. Due to the number of posts we receive on our Facebook page, thanks to our amazing fans, our responses on the subject pass by quickly. I hope you feel comforted in knowing that Vanilla is on its way back to your stores and we can’t thank you enough for your support during this time. We have exciting expansion projects in the works, and look forward to bringing you more CHO than ever before. Please feel free to reach out to me personally should you have any further questions.

    Nothing but good,

    Emily, Communications Manager, Chobani

    • Thanks, Debra. I “friended” the Chobani Facebook page and sent another message to Chobani, along with link to Stringing Beads. Their Communications Manager. responded almost immediately. (See comment above).

      Saw requests on FB from nearly all over the country for Chobani Vanilla. Sounds like the shortage was a lot greater than imagined. It’s a great product and the popularity has increased dramatically over a short amount of time. (Knew I should have kept quiet on how great it is!). 😉

      Hopefully it won’t be long before we see it back on the shelves!

    • Even though eevnyore is unique and individual I feel I am very similar to where you are now and it feels good to know that there are others in the same boat. And we can help ourselves get stronger and recover better more and more each day!

  3. Don’t you hate it when you can’t get a product you love? I won’t even go into the favorite panites, socks, and sneakers that have been discontinued on me, or the Del Monte ketchup my daughter-in-law has sent in from California (Doesn’t everyone get ketchup for Christmas or Mother’s Day?) or the Tomato Rice soup I can only order online by the case. What do you do with a whole case of soup?

    When I can’t get my vanilla, I purchase plain and add my own vanilla, but my quart bottle of vanilla is getting mightly low these days. I have to admit it wasn’t my idea to add the vanilla, my twin sister came up with it.

    Here’s hoping the supply appears in supermarkets soon.

    • Pat, I sympathize on the brands. When we first moved East we couldn’t find Milwaukee bratwurst anywhere, but then they’d never been here before. Much easier these days. Not as easy to mail as Del Monte Ketchup though. I’d forgotten all about Tomato Rice soup. Campbell’s? What happened to it?

  4. Thank you from our farm family owners (and me) for buying Cabot Vanilla Greek Style yogurt to try! I hope you enjoy it.

    I eat almost the same breakfast as you every day (of course I use Cabot 🙂 and I put 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch Berry Crumble on top. It’s a great way to start the day!

  5. Still experiencing the same shortage in NY. My breakfast staple is the Chobani FF Vanilla, sliced almonds and craisins. I’ve never been a fruit yogert eater and don’t plan on starting now. Thanks for the other suggestions of Greek yogerts.

    • I agree, Valerie. I don’t care for the fruit flavors as much either. I’ll stick with Cabot and Dannon until Chobani Vanilla returns. Good to have a back-up. Love the idea of almonds and craisins in it. Thanks for posting.

      • I use Chobani to replace two of my fatviroe things: peanut butter cups and mojitos (not together by the way).I take Chobani Vanilla and stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter and shaved dark chocolate. Tastes just like a peanut butter cup without the fat, calories (and cavities)! Frozen, it’s better than any peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever tasted!For my fatviroe mojito variety, I stir in a little lime pulp into Chobani Plain, a tsp of rum flavoring and crushed fresh mint. Ahhhh, a summer refresher! I think Chobani needs a key lime variety!I recommend Chobani to my cardiac and bariatric patients too. When I share the peanut butter cup recipe, they can’t wait to try it!

  6. Just finished eating my Dannon vanilla Chobani substitution at lunch. While the Dannon isn’t bad, it’s sweeter than I like and the container is smaller (5.3 vs 6.0 oz). Some of the other possible substitutes were also smaller, higher in calories, much higher in price. The fruit flavors have higher carbs and calories, so those aren’t making it onto the substitution list at all.

    This is twice now we’ve experienced a shortage of vanilla in my area. Last time it was only a shortage of the single cups, though, and I could still get the large container. Now, can’t get it in any size. Waaaah!! Actually, I was thinking of driving to different stores to find it but now am glad to know that would have been a waste of time. Save myself the trip.

    Thanks for posting all the info and for giving us a place to “grieve”, LOL.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you very much for posting this. I have been looking for Vanilla for AGES and, as you mentioned, it just can’t be found in stores.

    I’ve contacted the company in support of bringing French vanilla back. I don’t like any of the other flavors because that’s unnecessary sugar. Thanks for the Cabot and Dannon suggestions…

    P.S. I was able to locate one store in my locale of NYC that sold the 32 oz containers. I don’t know if this means stock is increasing, or if it means I lucked out.

  8. I still can’t find it anywhere and i have the exact same breakfast issue. Really annoying. i live near Glenside. Where did you find it?

    • It’s back in eastern PA (Giant Stores in Lehigh Valley) and also in San Francisco (small local groceries). Couldn’t find it in Charleston, SC though so had to go with Dannon.

  9. Found the large containers at my regular store (eastern Mass.) this weekend, and found the small containers at another store I happened to be at yesterday. I’m so happy to have it, but I hardly dare to believe it really is back for good. I know that even when it’s available it sells out quickly. Time for some competitive Chobani shopping! LOL

    • Still no vanilla in Sussex County, DE(home) or Accomac,VA (work)

      depressing,one of my biggest cravings!! Glad I’m not pregnant.Would have to head north!!

  10. Its about a year and a quarter since this blog was created, and the shortage is back. Chobani helped me lose a ton of weight, and I rely on it to maintain it now. The vanilla did the trick, and I’m superstitious, so I need it! Even the honey has disappeared from the store shelves. Tons of flavors, just big holes where the vanilla and the honey used to be. What is going on?

    • Mark, I’ve seen the same shortage. Here in eastern Pennsylvania I’ve still been able to find large size containers of vanilla and have been buying those. Have also been experimenting with store brands of vanilla Greek yogurt (Wegman’s and Giant). Cost of Oikos Vanilla Greek has also come down to same price as Chobani.

      Word has it that Chobani is building a new facility in Idaho but I’m not sure how they think that pulling the staples like vanilla and honey (instead of one or two of the fruity flavors) will help. They’ve obviously been given poor marketing advice. I’m at the point where I’ll simply switch brands, and advocate others to do the same.

      Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep at it.

  11. We don’t seem to have any single cups up here in Massachusetts, either. We can still get the large containers, which is helpful but a pain, because I like to take a single vanilla with me for lunch every day. I found the local store brand (Hannaford) was pretty good, but now there isn’t any of THAT either, because it’s what everyone is flocking to. I tried the Dannon again and just hate it now — way too sweet. I’m with you, Mark — Chobani (and Kashi Go Lean cereal) helped both me and my husband lose, and keep off, a lot of weight, and I’m loathe to change anything about our success formula. Here’s hoping it’s back soon!!

  12. I’m in Michigan and for about the last month have not been able to find the vanilla. I tried other brands but don’t like them – agree that Dannon is too sweet and also it has a unpleasant aftertaste. I’ve switched to Chobani Plain…but the vanilla is the best and I’m hoping it’s back soon.

  13. Funny to find this entry in an internet search 3 years down the road. It seems that in St. Louis 2014, the version they were offering for kids, “Chobani Champions” (Very Berry and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk 3.5 oz cups), was available just long enough to hook my son and now we have the “Due to production shortages….” sign in our local grocery store for the past several months. Frustrating. It seems that unreliability may be a trend with them.

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