Scribbles and Images

I changed my laptop wallpaper a few days ago. In the process I made a small discovery.

Last year we drove up to Rhode Island to see the Newport Mansions. On our second day there, my husband suggested a sail on the Narragansett Bay. That’s where I shot this picture, the one I placed on my wallpaper.

…..a sunset cruise, a small sailboat…sky graying with impending rain. The boat’s motor pulls us from the wharf. Beyond the Tall Ships, the Captain unfurls sails and his boat skims the water. Mist touches our cheeks and our lips taste of salt. We do not speak as his craggy New England voice spins stories. As we near the ocean the distant sky darkens. Thunder booms from afar. The Captain frowns…checks the radar once, twice. Lightening flashes, a spectacular sight that will remain forever distant as we turn about….

I hoard pictures, more so now that we’ve gone digital. I also collect scribblings. Buried somewhere in my files are notes about a creepy laugh overheard at a restaurant, and the feel of the air just before a tornado touched down mere blocks from our home. So many images. So many scribbles.

So what is my discovery? Mainly that these images are more vivid and enduring because they are preserved. They prompt otherwise lost memories and let them slip into our stories. Such tiny details help to enrich, to make our books come alive.

Many writers collect such scribblings and images. Do you find yourself using them in your writing? And, how do you keep them organized?

2 thoughts on “Scribbles and Images

  1. Deb, another great post! I do scribble those kind of notes, but I rarely look back at these gems. I think writing them does imprint them in our unconscious mind.

    As for organization, no such thing in my house. 😦

  2. I’m the photographer in the family. I am forever behind, but I do have a system for organizing the photos, videos, and DVDs.

    As far as the scribbling goes, I have plenty of files with loads of ideas–and not enough time to flesh all of them out into books–but they are there in case the well of inspiration ever goes dry.

    Nice picture of the bay. We took a little ferry to Rose Island and we enjoyed it very much, but one of my favorite boat rides was in Raritan Bay and I did not have a camera with me at the time! However, the image has stayed in my mind–and perhaps it is more vivid there than it could ever be in a photograph.

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