San Francisco – July 25

From now until the RWA National Conference ends August 3, I plan to post daily about events here in San Francisco. If the mood strikes, please take a minute or two to comment. To other writers attending – please share a link to your own blog posts about RWA National.

Friday morning we visited the award-winning Stack’s Restaurant where, against the backdrop of red impatiens and beneath blue skies, we savored our eggs, orange juice, and steaming coffee. Going out for breakfast has always been a pleasant date. Doing so outside in the cool, sun-drenched San Francisco air turned mere pleasant into memorable.

After breakfast, we took the bus to the Golden Gate Park. Built on a rectangular site on the city’s west side, the 1,017 acre park is larger than New York City’s Central Park.

The DeYoung art museum is located just inside the park. The closest entrance to the museum is at Fulton and 8th Streets. We bought our tickets and immediately took the elevator to the 9th floor viewing tower. Here is a view as seen from the tower. Off to the right you can see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Again, click pictures twice & wait for larger view.)

Inside the museum were a wealth paintings, sculpture, furniture, and glassware. I especially enjoyed the 19th century Impressionists. The cafe had both inside and outside dining next to a lawn filled with sculptures. Tourists and locals sat soaking up the peace and sunshine. Moms played with their little ones on the lawn.

The Shakespeare Garden is said to contain every flower and herb mentioned in Shakespeare’s work. It’s not large but the setting is serene (or will be again once the construction is complete on the Academy of Sciences building.) Yesterday when I visited, a wedding rehearsal was taking place. Imagine, being married in Shakespeare’s garden!

The Japanese Tea Garden sits next to the DeYoung. Admission is $4, well worth the price. Inside, along its winding paths and gardens, another bride and groom were posing for formal pictures. San Francisco truly defines romance!

Last night we dined on Sushi in JapanTown then found a shop that sold Dreyer’s Ice Cream and other yummy sweets.

The weather remains sunny and cool – and perfect!

Today, we’re off to Santa Cruz. Hope you stop back tomorrow for more updates.

One thought on “San Francisco – July 25

  1. Sounds like the perfect SF day, Deb. Thanks for reminding me of many pleasurable hours I spent in exactly those places. If I remember correctly, the DeYoung has a credible assortment of some very lovely Oriental pieces.

    And I know you will LOVE Santa Cruz!

    Mary Jo

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