KOD Retreat – Day 1

Twenty Milk Street is elegant, sophisticated, and endowed with traditional charm – a perfect complement to the Portland Regency. Breakfast there was a delight.

As we entered, the waiter seated us next to a front, deep-set window. Small vases of yellow roses adorned the table. The menu held a variety of traditional breakfast foods and regional favorites – Smoked Salmon Plate, Lobster Eggs Benedict, Malted Pancakes with Warm Maple Syrup. A Maine Blueberry Waffle and hot coffee were a perfect start to my day.

The Kiss of Death Retreat officially started with a noon registration. Our speakers, Diane Love (on left) and Mary Buckham (on right), warmly greeted us at the door at today’s Early Bird Workshop. Their talk focused on Power Openings and Power Pacing. Using templates the pair developed for their Break Into Fiction presentation, they guided us through the important opening questions we must ask ourselves when writing our novels. Their superb talk gave more than one of us that all important “Ah-Ha” moment.

After the two-hour workshop, we broke for some “retreat” time. Small groups gathered for dinner. At least three of us went down to DiMillo’s, a floating restaurant on the wharf just a few blocks from the hotel. The restaurant is a converted car ferry that once ran between New Castle, Delaware and Pennsville, New Jersey. Check out their menu by clicking on their site (above). If you are ever able to visit, you must try their New England Clam Chowder – thick and rich with whole clams, and wholesome Maine flavor.

An evening dessert buffet, coffee, tea, and a cash bar allowed attendees an opportunity to socialize. Publisher Raelene Gorlinsky concluded today’s events with her informative talk, An Arranged Marriage: The Editor/Author Relationship as an Arranged Victorian Marriage.

Please check back again tomorrow evening for more happenings at the KOD Annual Retreat.

3 thoughts on “KOD Retreat – Day 1

  1. Oh, Bec you are so right, woman! Had it not been for the mudpuddlers (you and Jen manliy), I would NOT have a book coming out in May. The things I have learned are unbelievable. Before the crit group, I didn’t even know I had a tense and comma issue. UGH! I know I still have so much to learn from my fellow critters and I look forward to getting back to my other books so I can finish something for them to ink up! heheGreat post, hon.And Big Tone we do exist. And we know where you live! *giggles w/ only a slightly evil tone*

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