KOD Retreat – Day 3

The final day of this year’s Kiss of Death Retreat came too soon. It seemed like I’d just arrived then suddenly it was Sunday and only a few hours remained.

We gathered for a breakfast buffet in the Atlantic Room of The Portland Regency. The hotel set out an assortment of pastries, cereals, scrambled eggs, potatoes, French Toast, sausage and bacon. The coffee was hot and strong, much needed after some late nights.

Literary Agent Meg Ruley opened the day’s sessions with a workshop she titled Ask Me Anything. Ms. Ruley pulled up a chair and sat comfortably in front of us. Then, in a wonderfully relaxed manner, she began by sharing her path to publishing – from relishing library smells and reading Victoria Holt and Anya Seton in her early teens, to her rewarding 27 year career with the New York City-based Jane Rotrosen Agency. After her talk, she answered an array of questions, graciously sharing her knowledge and experience in the business of publishing.

Dianna Love presented the last workshop with her highly informative talk on World Building, It’s Not Just a Myth. Following a short wrap-up, we began leaving the hotel, and the 2008 Kiss of Death Retreat. I walked down the steps of The Portland Regency into the brisk autumn air feeling renewed, and oh so anxious to return to my manuscript!

Heartfelt thanks to all involved for a truly sensational weekend!


P. S. According to Lisa Tapp, 2009 Retreat Chair, next year’s retreat will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico the weekend of October 23-25, 2009. Information will be posted next year on the Kiss of Death website.

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