At heart I’m still a Midwestern gal but I’ve come to love the sea. Because of that, I’ve learned to enjoy life on the eastern seaboard.  There is so much to see and do, and so much of it within an easy driving distance. And let’s face it, we all need to get away on an adventure from time to time.

Our latest adventure together took us to the Harbor View Inn, a lovely Bed & Breakfast near the heart of historic Annapolis, Maryland. Wow, and wow again! What a true delight!  A wonderful haven managed by such a gracious couple.   We loved having our own private deck.  Downstairs each morning we were served outstanding breakfasts, and wine and appetizers each evening…so nice!   We met a pleasant couple who were celebrating their 40th – great talks.   The last morning our hostess snapped a picture of the four of us at the foot of the elegant staircase.  Capturing memories.

The U.S. Naval Academy was an easy walk from the Harbor View. So was the Maryland State House.  We took a trolley tour that gave us a good historic overview of the city.  As true history lovers, we toured the William Paca House & Gardens and the Hammond-Harwood House learning all about Georgian architecture. We strolled the Annapolis streets stopping into quaint little shops.  And we sampled such exquisite foods.   We thoroughly loved the Galway Bay Irish Pub, one of the best Irish restaurants we’ve visited (including a few in Ireland).  But then, it is owned and run by an Irishman!

On Friday evening we took a 2-hour sunset cruise on the Schooner Woodwind, a  74-foot sail boat.   That was about the temperature, too, 74 degrees and sunny.  Not much wind to speak of, so our experienced Captain and Crew motored us up the Severn River, then back out into the Chesapeake Bay.  The sails fluttered here and there, but I doubt that anyone cared much about the still air…so peaceful…so relaxing.  So very much what we needed.

From time to time, married folks need to get away together.  It keeps the marriage fresh.  It doesn’t need to be a week in the Carribean, or even a 3 day trip to Annapolis.  Sometimes a simple drive in the country, or a date movie followed by a stop for ice cream will do.  (Oh…did I tell you about Storm Brothers homemade frozen peach yogurt?  My first frozen yogurt in months and so much better when eaten on the docks of Ego Alley, watching the dingies, sailboats and yachts come and go…)

On the journey home, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, that marvelous expanse, was closed for a time.  We sat in the middle of traffic for an hour and a half.  Despite the heat I found, somehow, even that became a memorable part of the adventure.  Our conversation still brings a smile.

Please share a memory of a particularly happy getaway you have taken or plan to take. 

4 thoughts on “Annapolis

  1. Hi,

    I relived your trip in a vicarious way. Hubby and I so need something like this but the fates keep that from happening. Too bad. Good thing our bond is strong and determined.

    I’m so glad you had a great time. That lure of the ocean is one reason we chose the spot we live in now. It was the closest we could get to the ocean and still be where we are needed.


  2. Christina, isn’t that always the way? There are many places in our own area we have yet to visit, too! With its history, Annapolis has so many gems. Restaurants are superb, and it’s such a fine town to walk in.

    Thanks for commenting!

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