A New Year

It’s Sunday, January 9th, and my house is still decorated for Christmas.   I got a late start.  When I finally got around to decorating, I scattered seasonal décor with a light hand.  Instead of a 6-foot tree, I set up a table tree in our bay window.  Elsewhere our Christmas stockings, my Jim Shore Santas, two red poinsettias, and a bunch of candles spread holiday cheer in our home.  With the sparkle of the tree lights and glow of the candles, it was enough.

Now, even though Christmas is more than two weeks gone, I’m not ready to put it all away.  Call it the afterglow.  I’ve always loved reading through holiday cards and letters after the holiday.  Just as precious are the late arrivals that season our mailbox between Christmas and the New Year.  I take time to enjoy my new gifts, especially the books and CDs, bath and body products, and assorted kitchen gadgets. I love wearing my Santa socks, and posting new pictures of babies and toddlers on our refrigerator.

Still, there is a time to put it all away and bring in the New Year.  Just not yet.

In the spirit of welcoming 2011 though, as I hung my new calendar I made a few resolutions.  Mostly they pertain to health and writing.  I WILL continue to eat healthy and to lose a few more pounds. I WILL finish my latest book by April 1st.  And I WILL blog weekly.

This last resolution caught me by surprise.  It came in response to a challenge posted on WordPress.com, challenging us to increase our blogging time.  WP suggested we blog daily, or weekly.  I knew I’d never make the daily gig.  It’s enough for me to scribble a few more paragraphs on my book each day.  But a weekly blog?  Still, I have a good friend who’s been doing just that since she set up her blog in 2008 and she’s now published.  It’s about putting commitment and scheduling into one’s mindset.  A good idea.

So, dear reader, watch for a new blog each week.  Come summer, watch for an even healthier me.  And finally this spring, watch for word of a finished book.  My resolutions are lofty ones so could you please send a few positive thoughts my way?  I’ll hold your hand, if you hold mine.

Now, if I hang some hearts from the branches of my small tree, do you think I can keep it up until Valentine’s Day? 

4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Deb,

    I’ve been pretty good about blogging every week. Posting on Sunday gets me energized for the coming week, I have you to thank for insisting I do this when I was so fearful about it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I’ve kept some wintry items up because I like the change in decor, not much but nothing that screams Christmas, just winter. Then when I take them down in March my mindset changes to soon we’ll have some spring.

    Have a great week!

    • Your regular blogging has been inspiring to me, MJ! So glad I talked you into it. 🙂

      I like the idea of keeping “winter” decor up until March. I may just do that, too! Thanks for checking in.

  2. “It’s about putting commitment and scheduling into one’s mindset.” Indeed! You might think your goals are lofty, but I think they’re great and I think you have the commitment and dedication to see them through. What a nice way to begin the new year. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to reading your updates…and your book when it’s finished!

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Cate. As writers, it helps to have the encouragement of our peers. So much relies on raw perseverance and determination. Hard to do it alone. Thanks again!

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