A Writer’s Valentine

My passion is writing romance. I grew up on boy meets girl stories. I watch romantic movies, read romance novels, and write happily ever after stories. For years, I’ve been a member of Romance Writers of America©.  Most of my close friends read and/or write romance.  Finally, and most important, I have been married to my own true hero for well over thirty years.

I should be able to come up with a unique and heartfelt way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.  What can I give him?  And what will he give me?

As I ponder the questions, I don’t imagine that he’ll bring home a bouquet of long-stemmed roses.  That’s okay. I carried white roses on my wedding day. In our years together, he’s brought home roses for birthdays and illnesses, for Valentine’s Day, and sometimes for nothing special.  Nothing special flowers are best of all.  There are times when a soul aches for roses, but not now.

With Valentine’s Day on a Monday, we have no plans for a dinner of prime rib and champagne in a candlelit restaurant.  While the setting is romantic, it is winter, bitter cold, and we’ll both be tired from work.  I’m thinking crock-pot soup, sandwiches, and a Netflix movie.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

We’re beyond buying silly ties and heart-patterned socks and pj’s. There was a time for that, true.  But no more.  Chocolate truffles and bon-bons are out, too.  I’ve managed to lose over fifty pounds this past year.  I feel better than I have in decades.  I’d like to keep it off for me, and for him.

So what will I give him for Valentine’s Day?  I believe I’ll tell him –

~ for all the compliments you’ve given me, deserved or not, boosting my fragile ego

~ for the three sons we created and raised together

~ for trudging off to work in frigid pre-dawn hours, day after day, year after year

~ for the thousands of conversations we’ve had and will keep having until we can no longer talk

~ for the many many adventures we’ve shared

~ for championing the good causes and being my hero

Yes, quite simply I’ll say…for all that and more, I love you

7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Valentine

  1. Well said, though I think i’d miss the chocolates. Wouldn’t it be much nicer if Valentine’s Day was in the summer so you could do more even if you didn’t to buy each other gifts. Spend some time in the sun, take a romantic walk somewhere…… here in England it’s raining outside, there’s nowhere to go. I think i might just go put the heating no and enjoy the breakfast in bed that my fiance has just delivered. 🙂

  2. Deb,

    Loved your post and your gift to Tom. I suspect he’d respond in his concise efficient way: “Ditto–and I love you more.”

    My hubby and I wished each other the best of the day and told each other something very similar to what you wrote. This year doesn’t feel like one should celebrate, but these past few weeks have reminded me often during each day how lucky I was that he stayed persistent in getting me to marry him. He’s my Prudential Rock at the same time as being “the wind beneath my wings.”

  3. Reblogged this on Stringing Beads and commented:

    Cherish this day, and every day, with your loved one. You don’t have to spend a lot. Make it simple. This post was my last Valentine to Tom. He told me it was the best Valentine’s gift ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Deb. I know this is not a great day for all who’ve lost loved ones. But you’ve chosen a wonderful way to pay tribute to what obviously was and is a super relationship. I posted on FB today that we don’t need to have that special someone to be a great person. We might be different than the one we were when that person was with us, but before you were a “we” you were an “I.” A pretty great person or your loved one wouldn’t have tied his life to yours. God bless.

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