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In 1993 two friends had a dream.  Anne Kelleher (Bush) and Lorraine Stanton sought to form a group in the Lehigh Valley for writers who shared the goal of writing and publishing book length fiction.  The first meetings of the Greater Lehigh Valley Fiction Writers’ Group (GLVFWG) were held in Lorraine’s living room in Phillipsburg.  Although a novice, I was pleased to be among the first five attending.  For a short while, I served as President of the fledgling group.

As the group grew, we formed strong critique groups. Soon we relocated to a private club.  Then, seeking to control luncheon costs, we moved on to a public library.  We discussed becoming a chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA), but it was felt that would exclude writers of other genres who had already joined. At some point “fiction” was dropped from the group’s name.

There were growing pains along the way, as members and officers came and went.  Within a year or so, personal reasons caused me to resign my position.  I subsequently left the group.  My writing dwindled.

When I started seriously writing again, my interest had shifted to RWA. I was, after all, writing romance and I liked the support of the national organization.  Still, over the years I’ve watched GLVWG.

The group still meets in the same library, not far from my home.  It also hosts a solid spring conference in March.  The Write Stuff brings together writers of all genres.  But January’s meeting was on Indie Publishing, a hot topic now, and one I’m delving into. And so on Saturday, I attended.

My Daily Pic - January 29

After the business portion of meeting, writer Joan Zachary gave an inspiring mini-presentation on using your camera every day.  She advocated always having a small camera at hand, and to shoot every day.  She’s done this for the past year and posts on Flickr.  Over time, she said, story ideas emerge from photos taken.

I love this day by day mini-goal, a kind of photo journal.  So today around 4:20 pm, when the sun was in the western sky, I took my camera outside and shot a picture of our bird feeder.  To me, it’s a sign that spring is coming, even if it is only late January.

Bart Palamaro speaks at GLVWG on Indie Publishing

Saturday’s main speaker, Bart Palamaro, gave a superb talk – Indie Publishing 101 – what it is and isn’t, the current state of publishing, finances, skills needed, legal matters, and so on.  The primary areas to “hire out” in Indie Publishing are editing (finding a genre specific editor), and possibly cover design.  He referred us to many online sources and links.  The best rule of marketing an Indie (or any) book, is to write a good book, then another, then another.

After lunch, Bart led about twenty-five writers through an informative, well-organized two-hour presentation on the nitty-gritty, step-by-step process of actually publishing a book on Amazon KDP.   Excellent!

So good to see the growth and maturity of this group that was once only a dream.

On February 1st I’m starting a new project.  Under the guidance of Nancy Herkness, twenty-seven New Jersey Romance Writers have vowed to each write 30,000 words in February. We call ourselves the 30Kers. Using a Yahoo Groups loop, we’ll keep each other motivated, and submit our number counts along the way. It’s new stuff, no editing as we go.  The goal is to simply produce.  Nora Roberts‘ words are a favorite….”You can fix anything but a blank page.”

I need to write again.  I need to immerse myself in a new story, to lose myself in my characters’ lives.  So, day by day, I’ll write.  And, day by day, I’ll take a picture, too.  Maybe I’ll even post a few.

To all my writer friends, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your ideas, and your friendship.

Day by day.  

12 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Thanks for sharing, Deb! I am glad you made it to the meeting. I hope to make the next. It is very motivating to be in like company. I appreciate the picture taking tip. It is a reminder that a picture tells a thousand words.

    • I love the motivation that comes from gathering with other writers, Rose. But it is hard to make it to every meeting. I’ll see you at some upcoming one. Hope your weekend went well.

  2. Great that you continue to share your experiences & knowledge. You make each of us THINK and that is good. I appreciate your inciteful tidbits as you have obviously decided to honor your husband’s tragic death by living. AND, he is smiling as he watches you from above mend your life.

    • Thanks so much for your words, Linda. That’s exactly how I feel, that I am honoring the joy we had. I do feel his smiles at times, like warm rays of sun. It’s how I’d want him to feel…to continue to take joy in life (despite the lonely heartache). And, I guess I’m living for both of us now.

  3. Deb,

    I love your Feb. goal! And your bird feeder. I think I’ll adopt that photo a day concept. I take a lot of photos but not always every day.

    You might want to check my guest interview today where I talk a bit about doing the final edits for An Island No More, just released, last year after Jimbo died. Work helped me walk away from that overwhelming sense of loss.

    Good luck, kiddo!!!

  4. Always love reading your words, Deb. What’s that old saying? Something like: A journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step. One goal, one step, one day at a time, you’re re-creating your life along with crafting the lovely words into stories. Good luck with the writing.

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